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Hey friend!

Before you check out and go off to create winning funnels… There’s another thing about your account we wanna show you.

(Keep in mind, we only offer this to people who make it to this page. Once you click off, you’ll never see this offer again.)

So check it out…

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Now that you have the power to:

  • Predict funnel profits…
  • Test funnel performance before spending a dime…
  • Use proven templates that guarantee funnel success…

We’ve got another question for you:

What If You Could Build A Fully Operational

“Funnel Agency”

And Have The Online Business
You’ve Always Dreamed Of?

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See, most people who start an online business fall into the vicious “feast or famine cycle”.

One month they’re “feasting” from a steady flow of clients…

But the next month (or months) are “famine,” with no clients at all!

So they find themselves pinching pennies during the “famine” hoping to keep their business afloat!

How stressful is that?

Mainly because:

  • You’re working with a team of funnel builders…
  • ​You’re building more funnels faster…
  • ​You’re serving more clients at one time…
  • ​You’re 2X’ing, 3X’ing, and even 4X’ing your income fast…

And those are just a small few benefits you get with an agency.


There’s one tiny-but-HUGE caveat about running an agency… And that is…

Customers are going to be the bloodline of your business.

And the last thing you want is to spend money and get no returns…

And yet, this is EXACTLY what your future clients are dealing with…

On a DAILY basis!

Unlike you, they don’t have proven funnel strategies for their business.

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And they’re tired of:

  • Losing money from costly mistakes with their funnel…
  • Feeling lost and confused about their funnel profits.
  • ​And more importantly: They’re tired of hiring wannabe “experts” who don’t know what they’re doing!

All your clients need is one proven funnel strategy to transform their business…

…and that’s where YOU come in!

Imagine Prospects Passing ALL Of Your Competitors To Get To YOU!!

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If all you had to do to win clients over was:

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Pick a template that’s best for their business

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Run it through a tested-and-proven scenario.

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Have them watch the profits come in through a real-time simulation…

How much easier would it be to land top-paying clients?

How much easier would it be to retain your current clients?

And more importantly…

How much would clients pay you for your winning strategies?

Long story short: ANYTHING is possible when you take GERU to the next level.

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That’s why we’re so excited to introduce to you…

The Geru Agency


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Why is it so easy to land and retain more clients than ever with a GERU Agency account?

Because this account lets you WHITE LABEL Geru as your very own!

That's right: Geru becomes the secret weapon that helps you land even more clients.

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Which means you can:

  • ​Predict funnel profits for your clients with REAL data.
  • Show clients a visual reaction of what’s happening in the business.
  • Make “funnel planning” look obvious and easy to grasp for prospects (and make yourself look like a genius)
  • Cater to the goals and desires of your clients and gain their trust faster.
  • Make clients feel more involved with what’s happening in their funnel (Instead of being secretive like your competitors).
  • ​And much, MUCH more!

Impress Any Client In Any Industry With Visual Planning & Mapping

No matter what type of marketing you do for clients…

You’ll be able to use GERU Agency to ‘show them’ in a visual way how things are progressing at any time.

You can break down progress reports, scenarios, and simulations…

And help them see the true potential of their pre-planned profits!

Here’s What You Get With GERU Agency:

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Private Branding

With GERU Agency, the entire GERU software will have the appearance that it belongs to your company.

You will be able to replace the GERU logo on the User Interface with Your Logo, as well as change some of the UI’s color scheme to more closely match the branding style of your own company’s logo & colors.

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Company Domain Name

GERU will run behind-the-scenes on YOUR DOMAIN. Not just for logins, but as the software is used, your domain still remains inside the browser bar!

This will give your Agency the 'look' that you have developed your own sophisticated software just for your clients.

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Private Client Login Pages

GERU Agency will also offer a private Client Login page (on your domain name) so your clients will log into GERU from what appears to be your website... with no mention of GERU anywhere.

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Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate in REAL-TIME with people on your team or walk your client through a funnel map and simulation.

What this means is if you modify a GERU Project, all the changes will be seen in real-time by everyone viewing the same project.

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Enhanced Team & Client Permissions

Use the Account Control Level presets or customize the Canvas, Report and Project permissions for each member of your team.

With GERU Agency you can also set a variety of View/Add/Edit/Delete permissions for individual Team members or Clients at the project level.

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More "Agency" Funnel Blueprints

You'll get these automatically added to your account at no extra cost!

We already have a handful of new "Agency specific" Blueprints waiting for you inside your GERU Agency account. More Funnel Blueprints are planned.

Our customers love our blueprints because they save time and make mapping easier.

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Client & Team Messaging

GERU maintains a history log for each project so you can drilldown to see the exact timeline, changes and communications.

Your team members can also post messages to communicate on a project together.

GERU Agency provides a dedicated ‘messaging’ area where your clients can leave comments and feedback about anything you create within GERU for them to see.

You Also Get:

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Agency Training

This training’s going to show you exactly how to build an agency, using GERU.


Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • ​How To Get Set Up With GERU: You’ll learn how to get fully set up with the GERU software and platform.
  • How To Use GERU For Customers & Clients: You’ll learn how to guide customers through the entire GERU experience and close them before writing any proposal!
  • Funnel Mapping 101: You ‘ll learn how to map the funnel out for your customers so they can easily understand it.
  • Identify Tweaks & Adjustments: You’ll learn how to identify tweaks and adjust throughout the funnel that make HUGE differences in their business.
  • Profit Planning: How to determine dependable profits and how to plan for scaling.
  • And sooooooooo much more!

Now with all this, you’re probably wondering…

What’s The Catch?

We know without a doubt, the GERU Agency account will make you unstoppable.

That’s why we’ve charged clients a little over $10,000 per account in the past.

Now, $10,000 may seem like a lot…

But what’s $10,000 compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars in returns our clients are getting?

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And that’s NOT including the proven funnel templates we’re throwing in…

…or the GERU Agency Training that teaches you STEP-BY-STEP how to collect customers with ease.

But because you’re here and you’ve made the commitment
to growing your business to new heights with Geru...

...and because you know deep down that THIS is the key to mapping out winning strategies without second-guessing yourself...

We’re not going to charge you anywhere near $10,000 to get access to this special account.

We won’t even charge you $5,000.

Or even $2,000.

We’re not even going to charge you $500!

Because we’re so invested in your success with GERU…

We’re gonna give you everything promised on this page right now for a one-time, low payment of just $97!

And don’t forget, our 30-day money back guarantee still stands if you upgrade today!

With GERU as your secret weapon in your new agency...

There’s absolutely
no way you can lose!

But You Need To Act Now!

As you can imagine, with a software that nearly guarantees winning funnel success…

One that we used to charge normal customers $10,000 to use.

So we can only offer this to the small number of people who’ve made it to the page.

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Again, we’d hate for you to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

…but once you click off this page,

the offer’s gone forever.

So make the smart decision today and get access to the GERU Agency Account and training today!

“Is it really worth it to upgrade?”

Here’s What Real GERU Customers Say About Their GERU Agency Account!

“GERU takes away all of my concerns before starting a campaign since it removes all question marks of how the numbers will look in various scenarios.

I love how easy it is to use and how I can decide in about 5 minutes whether my next idea will even be worth investing my time, money, and energy into.”


Steve Mastroianni

“The thought of having the ability to have working funnels before they’re launched is great, but GERU has taken this concept to another level.

I’m not very techie and I wasn’t going to purchase this because I figured it would be too complicated. I made the best decision when I went on and invested.”


Juana Dillon

“Anyone paying for traffic and not using this software FIRST is settings their money on fire.

Within a few minutes of using GERU you'll know what metrics you need to hit in order to breakeven on your front-end funnels.”


Chris Koehl


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