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Funnel Templates!

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Dear friend,

First off, congratulations on making the right decision to purchase GERU!!!!

How does it feel to know that from this day forward… You’ll never have to WASTE money on untested, failing funnel EVER again?

Thanks to GERU, you can finally test your funnel’s performance WITHOUT spending a single dime on ads!

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Which means you can:

  • ​Predict potential profits​.
  • ​ ​​Uncover NEWFOUND money​ during realistic simulations.
  • ​And save the THOUSANDS of dollars you would’ve otherwise LOST in unnecessary testing.

Regardless of your business or industry…

You’ll now be able to predict profit potential and performance from your funnel -- BEFORE you sink any money into it!

Now as promised, you’ll get access to GERU in just a sec…

But before you head to the confirmation page,

there’s one thing I want to talk to you about

concerning your order...

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See, now that you have the world’s greatest (and easiest) funnel mapping software…

You can test your funnels with realistic simulations BEFORE going live…

So you can maximize on profits while also saving as much money as possible.

But even though GERU allows you to test your funnels before spending a dime…

It Still Takes Some Effort On Your End

To Craft A Winning Funnel Strategy.

Which requires a good amount of thinking and time on your part.

And if you're someone that's already juggling everything, including:

And if you're someone that's already juggling everything, including:

  • ​Clients
  • ​R​elationships
  • ​Home life
  • ​…and even time for yourself (when does that happen? hahaha)

Then you're probably looking for the most efficient way to deliver the goods to your clients WITHOUT working nearly as hard, or as long.

And that's why you purchased GERU in the first place, right?

So you can make your job easier and more streamlined.

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With that said, how would you like...

100+ Tested And Proven

WINNING Templates!

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Think about it… You don’t have time to:

  • ​Overthink your funnel strategy.
  • ​Try and hack other funnels in hopes to “duplicate” their success.
  • Waste money that could be wisely spent on WINNING funnels.

You got a business to run.

And more money to make.

For yourself AND for your clients.

You downloaded GERU today because you want predictable results.

You want proven outcomes.

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Templates that are already done for you!

And are already tested and proven to practically GUARANTEE funnel success.

And guess what?

We have HUNDREDS of them!

Each of them battle-tested and put through the digital marketing ringer…

So you can plug-n-play ANY funnel, regardless of your business…

And win HEFTY, predictable profits!


These Templates Make GERU About as “Done-For-You” As It Possibly Gets!

In fact, you can have clients banging down your door and FORCING cash into your wallet in 5 simple steps.
Do these 5 steps and watch your clients praise you to no end.


Take a look at your client’s funnel.


Select one of our tested and proven funnel templates.


Plug your client’s funnel in.


Put in your actual numbers


Show the funnel’s potential in a realistic funnel scenario.


Take A Look At Your Client’s Funnel.


Select one of our tested and proven funnel templates.


Plug your client’s funnel in.


Put in your actual numbers


Imagine Plugging In ANY Of Our Done-For-You Templates And Potentially Scoring Millions Of Dollars In Sales -- For Your Clients OR Yourself!

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Why would you wanna leave that on the table?

Or worse… leave it to CHANCE?

With our proven templates, you no longer have to think.

Just plug-n-play… and let your winning funnel do the rest.

It’s really that easy.

You could have clients hunting you down to build funnels for them…

Or you can blow up your own offers -- and take home all the profit.

The opportunities are ENDLESS.

That’s why we’re more than excited to share with you the FULL potential of GERU.


Show the funnel’s potential in a realistic funnel scenario.

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With GERU PLUS, you'll unlock all 100+ winning funnel mapping
to plug and play and produce more profits!

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Additionally, you'll also unlock:

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Unlimited Projects

While the standard GERU software gives you up to 10 projects per account, GERU Plus allows for unlimited projects you can work from. So there’s no limit to how many high-converting funnels you can create for yourself or your clients!

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Unlimited Elements Per Project

Now you have larger canvases to map out a broader strategy in ONE place. Includes up to 40 different objects that allow you to simplify even the most complex funnel strategies for yourself or your clients.

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Up To 3 Scenarios

Unlike the 2 scenario limit in the standard account, GERU Plus allows you see up to 3 different simulated scenarios of your funnel performance.

This will allow you to observe 3 different types of flows or conversion ratios to determine the most profitable scenario for your funnel.

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Custom Logo Branding

Customize your brand logo with GERU Plus so you can look more professional for your clients!

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Priority Support

When you get GERU Plus, your funnel success becomes our number one priority. Utilize our fully staffed support team for your most pressing question and concerns.

And it gets even better…

When you upgrade to GERU Plus today, you even get a couple of free bonuses:


GERU 30 Blueprint Pack

(Value: $497)

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Get 30 ready-to-go simulations and models to run your templates through. 30 Blueprints of working funnels were researched, broken down, given strategy how-to videos. and then built into templates to save you even more time, and make you even more money!

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Funnel University’s

‘The 74 Funnel Swipe File’

Ebook & Proven Funnel Templates!

(Value: $697)

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Watch as Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels breaks down 74 funnels, showing you exactly how they work, why they work so well, and how to duplicate the strategies for your own funnel efforts!

(NOTE: We’ve generated hundreds of thousands of dollars, from these templates, which is why they were tightly-kept secrets of Funnel U, until now!)

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Now with all this, you’re probably asking yourself…

What’s The Catch?

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How much would it be worth to you to practically remove guesswork from your funnels COMPLETELY?

…and almost GUARANTEE your funnels’ success?

…and have clients banging down your door, ready to shove money in your wallet?

Would you say it’s worth $10,000?

How about $20,000?

Well today, because you’ve landed on this page…

…you won’t be paying a fraction of that.

See, at GERU, we’re heavily invested in your success.

And the last thing we want is money getting in the way!

That’s why we wanted to make sure this decision would be an absolute no-brainer for you.

Normally customers in the past have paid upwards of thousands of dollars for the templates alone.

But because you’ve made it this far, you can upgrade your GERU account -- and get access to all the bonuses mentioned above for the one-time price of just $97.

But because you’ve made it this far,

you can upgrade your GERU account -- and get access to all the bonuses mentioned above for the one time price of

Just $97.

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As you can imagine, there’s no way we can keep the price this low for obvious reasons.

And once you leave this page, you may never see this offer again.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

And as we witness our downspiraling economy get worse by the day… Do you really want to miss the chance to practically GUARANTEE your funnel success?

Why deal with the guesswork and trying to “find” the winning funnel out in the wild when we have the funnel templates PROVEN to convert all ready for you?

Oh, and our 100% Money-Back Guarantee still stands if you upgrade today.

So you really have nothing to lose!

So what are you waiting for?

Make your funnel success a no-brainer and upgrade to GERU plus today!

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Here's Everything You'll Get:

Your order will include…

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  • UNLIMITED Projects
  • UNLIMITED Objects on ALL of your projects
  • Up to 3 Scenarios
  • CUSTOM Logo Branding
  • PRIORITY Support
  • FREE BONUS #1: Geru 30 Blueprint Pack ($497 Value)
  • FREE BONUS #2: Funnel University's 74 Funnel Swipe File Ebook + Proven Funnel Template Strategies ($697 Value)
  • ​FREE Additional Access to over 100 proven funnel strategies that accelerate your ecommerce business and generate sales, upsells and reduce your risk of failure. 
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UNLIMITED Objects on ALL of your projects

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Up to 3 Scenarios

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CUSTOM Logo Branding

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FREE BONUS#1: Geru 30 Blueprint Pack ($497 Value)

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FREE BONUS#2: Funnel University’s 74 Funnel Swipe File Ebook + Proven Funnel Template Strategies ($697 Value)

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FREE FREE ADDITIONAL Access to over 100 proven funnel strategies that accelerate your ecommerce business and generate sales, upsells and reduce your risk of failure

Join 38,000+ Marketers & Agencies That Use GERU To Save Time, Avoid Costly Mistakes, And Find Ways To Optimize Sales Funnels

“GERU takes away all of my concerns before starting a campaign since it removes all question marks of how the numbers will look in various scenarios.

I love how easy it is to use and how I can decide in about 5 minutes whether my next idea will even be worth investing my time, money, and energy into.”


Steve Mastroianni

“The thought of having the ability to have working funnels before they’re launched is great, but GERU has taken this concept to another level.

I’m not very techie and I wasn’t going to purchase this because I figured it would be too complicated. I made the best decision when I went on and invested.”


Juana Dillon

“Anyone paying for traffic and not using this software FIRST is settings their money on fire.

Within a few minutes of using GERU you'll know what metrics you need to hit in order to breakeven on your front-end funnels.”


Chris Koehl


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