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From: Russell Brunson
Location: Boise, Idaho

Dear Friend,

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Now That You Have All These 

Winning Strategies, It’s Time To Turn Them Into Real Funnels.

But the key you’re now missing is an effective funnel builder.

Now don’t get me wrong…

There are A LOT of “good” funnel building platforms out there.

But something tells me you’re looking for the BEST.

I thought so.

Lucky for you…

We’ve Already Done All The Testing For You.


Because we wanted to see which software was the ABSOLUTE BEST at executing our winning funnel strategies

We wanted a platform that let us plug-and-play our strategies instantly…

And have our funnel up and running in minutes -- Rather than weeks on end.

After all the testing, we found the best platforms was ClickFunnels.

Not only because it’s THE BEST FUNNEL BUILDER on the planet…

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Thanks to our drag-and-drop technology, ClickFunnels makes it SUPER easy to take bring your winning funnel map into fruition FAST.

And the best part is There are lots of different types of sales funnels to sell anything you can think of...

There are sales funnels to sell:

  • Books…
  • C​oaching…
  • Ecommerce products…
  • ​Masterminds…

No matter what you’re selling, and no matter what your mapping strategy is…


Drag and drop ANY KIND of funnel With
Click Funnels in 3 simple steps:


Map Out Your Funnel With Geru

Map out your winning strategy on Geru to predict your funnel profits.


Plug Each Step Of Your Geru Strategy Into ClickFunnels

Drag and drop each step of your funnel in Clickfunnels, using your Geru funnel map.


Launch & Go Live!

Simply save your funnel and launch. And then…

BOOM! You’re done!

ClickFunnels Brings Proven Funnel Strategies To Life For More Customers And More Sales!

And by the way, creating a winning funnel with the easiest funnel builder isn’t even the best part…

Actually, you’re just getting started!

Because once you ‘ve got your funnel online, you’re experience crazy benefits like:

Attracting Your Dream

Attract visitors from all over the internet (including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and other sites), and send them through your funnel! Effortlessly turn your visitors into leads, and then into actual paying customers!

Guide Visitors Down The Buyer’s Journey, Step-By-Step.

Maximize your profits and conversions as you take your leads by the hand through the buyer’s journey of your funnel. Watch your sales skyrocket with high-converting upsell and downsell pages!

Selling ANYTHING Quicker & Easier.

Build your funnel once, and collect sales over and over again! Let your funnel do the heavy lifting for you while you watch your leads grow, conversions increase, and your sales shoot through the stratosphere!

Getting Your Message (And Solutions) Out To The World.

Offer your unique products, services and solutions to as many people as possible. Point your audience DIRECTLY to the one product or service they need the most to help solve their biggest problems.

…And Much More!

Long story short…

ClickFunnels makes it INSANELY EASY to build profitable funnels for you and your clients.

And when you combine the simplicity of ClickFunnels with the winning strategy of Geru…

There’s no way you can lose!

Plus, you can start turning your winning templates into REAL, winning funnels today for absolutely FREE!

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Oh, and by the way…

If Click Funnels isn’t the EASIEST funnel-building platform you’ve ever used…

You’re still protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose…

… and everything to gain.

So stop what you’re doing right now, and click on the “Create Your Free Account” button now…

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope you enjoy your FREE trial of ClickFunnels!

Russell Brunson


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